Live video can be overwhelming and often the FEAR of hitting that “Go Live” button keeps most away. I validate that FEAR, thank it for existing and get you moving forward with the Confidence to know you’re doing it right and you’re effective in your marketing strategy.


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How the Process Works

Phase 1 - The Difference Maker

You’re committed to getting started in LIVE video and you want help developing your strategy and also build your on-camera confidence. The challenge is you can’t even get started and you don’t know why. I help you decide your why.

Phase 2 - The Leading Light

On-camera confidence isn’t your problem, but you’ve not been clear about direction. You often wonder what to talk about weekly and aren’t building any type of list. You’re stuck and need someone in your corner to get your unstuck.

Phase 3 - The Influencer

You’re ready to make a clear impact in your space but don’t quite get the details of Facebook Marketing. Ads, messenger bots, custom audiences… oh my! At this stage we develop a clear and concise “Call to Action” for your clients and offer products.

Phase 4 - On-Going Consulting

You’re on your own, but not ready to cut the cord just yet. At this phase we drop our time spent to consulting hours. When you need support you schedule a call. Our team is always here to support and offer insight to a struggling LIVE show

Need help getting started?

You may feel "stuck" and in Analysis Paralysis mode when it comes to creating content. That's ok, you're not alone. What if you could start creating content that would engage your audience immediately? I got you....


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Live video can be overwhelming but you know you need to get in the game!  Engaging with your audience in a real and meaningful way in the key to cultivating an audience of Social Media.  You have a real opportunity right now to stand out and get ahead of your competitors.  The longer you wait... the more you'll be behind.  

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