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Creating Course Content For Your Brand!


Have you ever wanted to start creating course content for your brand, whether it's to sell a product that you already offer and you want to duplicate yourself, or whether you want to automate a sales process or a customer onboarding journey and duplicate yourself overnight? Well, then you're going to need a robust.

Really video launching planning center and all in one course content platform that we're going to talk about in today's episode. So my name is Danny Colella. I'm a Facebook live video marketing expert, coaching consultant, and lately I've had a lot of clients reaching out to me about course content.

They want to duplicate their brand. And today we're going to talk about. What I think to be one of the more popular, uh, course content platforms, it actually serves as a CRM, your email marketing campaign, uh, and your website all in one. Then you're going to want to stick around because today's content is for.

So again, this, this course is for anybody that wants to consider...

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