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Creating Course Content For Your Brand!


Have you ever wanted to start creating course content for your brand, whether it's to sell a product that you already offer and you want to duplicate yourself, or whether you want to automate a sales process or a customer onboarding journey and duplicate yourself overnight? Well, then you're going to need a robust.

Really video launching planning center and all in one course content platform that we're going to talk about in today's episode. So my name is Danny Colella. I'm a Facebook live video marketing expert, coaching consultant, and lately I've had a lot of clients reaching out to me about course content.

They want to duplicate their brand. And today we're going to talk about. What I think to be one of the more popular, uh, course content platforms, it actually serves as a CRM, your email marketing campaign, uh, and your website all in one. Then you're going to want to stick around because today's content is for.

So again, this, this course is for anybody that wants to consider using course content in a whatever year you're into now, and you want to grow your brand well, I've got a really amazing platform that I might have. I have been testing for a while, but seeing great results with clients called Kajabi. Uh, I'm going to go through the platform today.

Really give it my stamp of approval. There's a lot of other ones out there, but if you want me to save you the time, energy and effort from going out and doing all the research, I got to tell you when it comes to platforms and what this does for your business, if you're an entrepreneur like me, then you really need to pay attention because it offers you the ability to kind of duplicate.

Your growth in 2022 or whatever year you're in. Um, so today we're going to talk about this platform called Kajabi, uh, K a J a B I, this is a, uh, you know, what it says, upgrade to Javi, the number one platform to grow your knowledge business. Um, so if you're somebody that's in the knowledge business, which I happened to be in myself, uh, I love teaching people how to go live, how to create massive video content to Excel their brand and how to win on social media.

Then, if you have that type of business, then this is going to be a really great, great platform that you should consider switching to. If you're somebody out there that's currently on Squarespace or Wix, or, you know, you're paying 15 to $30 a month just for a website that isn't doing a lot for your brand, and doesn't offer a lot of functionality, then pay attention today because this is going to be pretty valuable to you.

So what we have here is Kajabi. Um, this is a, an amazing platform. I'm going to go ahead and show you what the backend. An amazing platform that does a lot of stuff. And we're going to focus on the left-hand side here. This is your website, so yes, it hosts your entire website. We'll go over that. This creates products.

So things that you want to sell, uh, whether you sell them or you actually give them away, let's say your, uh, someone that, that is, let's say a real estate agent, and you want to take the person through the buying process, or let's say you're somebody that just wants to show somebody how to do something at a more duplicatable scale.

Then that's what a product is. It can be either paid or it can be absolutely free, or you can great coupons for different segments of your audience. So different people can get it for different prices. It tracks your sales does all the analytics tells you everything about your brand? Uh, it does marketing.

So this is something that's very cool. This does email marketing. So you can actually use this. If you're using constant contact or MailChimp or any of those other platforms, you can actually now use this as your email marketing campaign and it works amazing. Does it just like mail, champ and Kajabi? Uh, CRM, where we see people here to the left.

Uh, so it'll attract all the people that execute on your lead pages. Anyone that you import from your contact list, that's going to keep everything organized in here and in one, one place. And what's really cool is you have the ability to tag and put tags on different people, which is important when you get to the point where you're going to start selling your brand.

Um, so again, let's go through this real quick, um, one by one. So I'm going to click the website button to the left. What this allows you to do is create your own custom website for your brand. This happens to be a client of mine, uh, that I work with and we. His website up here and running, and essentially, uh, you can also start to create landing pages as well, which is a lot of fun.

Meaning if you're going to be speaking at a conference or you're going to be going somewhere, you can actually create a landing page with the link that you can send out. That is a specific offer for that specific event. And you can do unlimited landing pages, meaning. All kinds of different pages that you put out there for different offers for different industries, for different sectors.

And you can actually create as many of those as you want and get your own custom link to move through. Now for your website. This also offers the ability to host your website. So we'll go over pricing here at the end, but ultimately this offers you the ability to host your website and do all this stuff.

This is the first platform I moved to when I switched my business, uh, over and I knew I was a knowledge-based business. Um, and let's go into product. So this is each product that you can sell from a business standpoint that you can show off. So you can, this is a client of mine that shows off a 30 day to treatment module that he has, and he was in his classes.

Uh, so these are where all your products. Podcast or they're just releasing something specific to coaching. I don't know a lot about that yet, but it's something new that came out through Kajabi. That's worth looking at. Um, we're going to go right into marketing where this really takes over all of your email marketing.

So you're able to just like MailChimp or constant contact create pretty amazing email blasts and email marketing campaigns that look great. You can create pipelines and automations. So if you want to create a 10. Sequence nurture email. You can do that. And when anyone signs up for your course or your free book or whatever, offer a lead magnet that you have, they're going to automatically put into that automation.

Um, and then people at your CRM, it has everyone in there just for privacy purposes. I'm not going to click on that because it has all the. And I'm just going live and I don't want to edit this because I'm alive expert. And the purpose of this is just a, get it done and move on. Um, so I'm, I'm not going to go into there, but it has all your people and where they're at and more importantly analytics about your page.

So if you're somebody that you're like Google analytics, what is that? I have no idea. You're not getting valuable information about your brand and in Kajabi, they're going to track everything. Okay. So. As far as pricing. So that's a very important thing. If you're somebody like me and you're running your business and you have to be fiscally responsible, I want to talk about pricing for this product.

Now they have annual discounts and monthly plans. If you're getting started with this and you're new, um, you know, you're probably gonna want to start monthly that way you can just make sure it's a great fit for you, but essentially most people, I recommend start at this. Platform right here. A big reason.

Why is this one right here? So you're not going to want Kajabi branding all every website. If that doesn't bother you and you don't care that there's Kajabi, Brittany. Then you'll be fine with just the basic package, but for that one right there, that's a big one that I want you to know. Um, you really gonna want that to be removed?

So what I recommend most people starting with is this growth plan at 1 99 a month. Now you gotta say, when you add up, what is your web hosting, uh, what is your email platform? What is your CRM that you're using? Uh, all that stuff. What does it cost you to get landing pages built when you need to do that?

Uh, at the end of the day, when it comes with a, a product that has the ability to start to really. Get your brand out there. And it's an all in one kind of tool. That's where this things that's, this thing really becomes valuable for you. Um, so I would recommend starting at the growth of 1 99 plan that allows you to host your website.

Yes. You can take your website from where it's at and put it over somewhere else and yes, you can keep your URL. Uh, if you bought a website domain name, uh, you can keep that as well and transfer that over to Kajabi. Uh, everything is transferable and they have all kinds of training platforms to help you move through this.

But, um, today's video. I wanted to keep short and brief, but this is a platform that I highly recommend. Big stamp of approval. They do a fantastic job at what they do, in my opinion. They're one of the better ones out there. And believe me, I have tirelessly researched them all. But if you've got a program, if you've got a brand that you have knowledge, you have expertise and you want to get it out there to the world.

And this is really the platform that you should consider. So, uh, in the link below or in the conscription below or above, You're going to see a link for a 14 day free trial, uh, through clicking my link. Now you can just go to and sign up there. But if you do click on my link and you're serious about getting this product to helps me out as a small business entrepreneur.

And, uh, if you found this content helpful, that's really, all I asked you to do is click that link and sign up through that affiliate link. And that helps me, but I use this personally. I've seen the power of what this can do and for anyone that's confused, I think it's one of them. Easiest backend experiences that you can learn in the biz.

And more importantly, you're, you're getting rid of one thing and another and another, and another, this thing is going to pretty much run your business and everything you needed to do. So, uh, my name is Danny Colella. I'm a Facebook live video marketing expert coaching consultant. Um, if you want to learn how to really build your brand with live video, I've got a Facebook live training group.

Just search Facebook live start here. Grow here and always reach out and visit [email protected] If you'd like to collaborate, if you want to see how I can help your brand be seen and heard on social media, um, let's connect. So have a good day everybody. And we'll talk to you soon. Bye-bye. 


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