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My dream is to help Heart-Centered Business's and Entrepreneurs build the confidence and overcome the fear to promote their business, brand or passion to the digital world through the POWER of LIVE Video!

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On-Camera Confidence

Becoming a confident speaker who gushes passion about their brand is just the beginning!  We deliver training that will help you confidently portray yourself in a positive light.

Know You're Doing It Right

Eliminate blunders and mistakes.  Get a head start and know you're confidently promoting your brand in a way that increases impact and delivers results immediately. 

Develop a Precise Strategy

Don't just hit the LIVE button and expect clients to start flooding in.  Develop a strategy to compliment your LIVE broadcast.

Become a Marketing Pro

Take your training and RUN!  You'll have a new found confidence in positioning your brand as a leader in your industry. You'll feel as if you're really making a differece!

Your Social Media Presence Is Dying

If your social media strategy is "Consistent Posting" then you're missing the biggest audience on Social Media.  The impact of Facebook LIVE can propel your brand into a contributing page that Facebook is happy to promote on their platform

Become a Mobile LIVE Video Expert

It's time to start mastering LIVE video with the most powerful streaming device you own.... your cell phone. Get started by downloading my free Mobile LIVE Starter Kit

Viewers Prefer LIVE Video

Without engagement your Facebook presence may be at risk.  82% of viewers prefer LIVE video to social media posts and 80% prefer LIVE video to reading a blog.  

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Mobile LIVE Video

This free download will get you started with the confidence knowing you'll make fewer mistakes when hitting that "Go Live" button.  I give you tips before you go live, settings in you phone you don't want to miss, the ability to check if your posting headline will perform and also what gear to buy to get started.  I even let you know about a secret that allows you to practice without actually being seen by your audience.

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Get started by learning the basics of Mobile LIVE Video.


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